About us

It is the most essential and most visible accessory for excellence:
The handbag.

It is like a business card. When worn she can give a second look and she is always a good mate.
The perfect bag reflects the personality of the person that wear it. It remains more consistent than any fashion and every day gains in character and individuality. She does not get older, only prettier like the woman who wears her. So both master each performance charmingly and confidently.Their interior holds the little secrets and necessities and depending on the purpose, there is still scope for the unexpected without losing shape and composure. She pose perfectly and is practical and elegant as an indispensable accessory.

Tiano Collection Brand

It starts with the leather…
Tiano Collection has a strong passion for special materials and sophisticated design.Each handbag is handmade with the finest skins selected, flattering soft and handy hands. In addition, buttons and closures are repeatedly tested, which are also resistant to everyday needs and for a long time.

All combined in casual design, elegant and timeless with the typical Italian charm and character, designed by designers who love to wear the bags themselves. In addition to the beauty, they also have the wearing comfort firmly in view. Loops and handles are coordinated so that the woman always keeps everything under control and as for a good division inside she cannot lose the track. So both are as a team that at any time is ideal for the daily and dynamic life and also prepared for any extraordinary opportunity.
Tiano Collection is made in a traditional factory in Northern Italy, which stands for quality and craftsmanship and works with a unique attention to detail. All procedures follow the Italian tradition and only exclusive Italian materials are considered.

Tiano Collection. Elegant. Timeless. Authentic.